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the English speaker formerly known as Ali, and now known as el Ali-o

I decided that since I speak the fantastic language of SPANGLISH, I would simply adore to share it with you! and you too can speak this new fangled language in three easy steps. And here we go...


  First of all, you must go buy a sombrero in which you will speak Spanglish after you have mastered the language. Otherwise you will just look stupid and always remember a sombrero matches anything!


  This step is the hardest step, and takes the longest! what you must do, is decide whether you believe that you are truly ready to learn this amazing language.



And then, this step is where the real directions start. What you must do, is add the word el before every word you say, and then add an O to the end. For instance a word as boring as box, then turns it into something as fantastic as EL BOXO!! yeah, so now that you all know the trick, then you can start getting into the more advanced stuff, like working real Spanish words, such as gato(cat) or perro(dog) nice words like such. But please be careful, cuz that second step of this one, is ONLY for advanced Spanglish speakers!