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How to shift gears on a standard "H" shift.

I like drivin'.

1.)Driver's Seat

To shift into any gear you first have to hold down the clutch pedal which is located farthest left of all the pedals. Normally when the car is parked or unmoving, you're donna want to have the gear in neutral, which is in the middle of a standard "H" stick shift.


To move from neutral to 1st, hold down the clutch pedal and move 1 notch over to the left and 1 notch up into first gear. To move then to 2nd hold down the clutch and move two notches down into 2nd gear. Then to third, while depressing the clutch pedal, move the stick shift in a zigzag pattern, one notch up followed by one notch to the left into neutral and then one notch up into third gear. To get into fourth gear move 2 notches down while depressing the clutch. To shift into 5th gear, depress the gear, and move up 1 notch (into neutral), then over to the right 1 notch, and then up 1 notch. To move into revere gear, you move from 5th) down two notches down into reverse (while pressing down on the clutch.

3.)Speed Info

If it wasn't clear, at any time you want to move the shift into any gear, you must be depressing the clutch. If you go to fast or too slow in a certain gear, you will stall out and get stuck!

1st gear: 0-15

2nd gear: 15-25

3rd gear: 25-40

4th gear: 40-55

5th gear: 55+

Reverse: Donšt go too fast! (Unless youšre running from the cops, then Gossiped and may you not stall out)


Drawings in steps 1-2 are drawn by Nick Moy

Picture of speedometer found at