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Lamb for Fun


1- Step one: -shopping-

You will need:

- 1 lamb leg

- 1 kg of potatoes

- 50 g of unsalted butter

- big salt, pepper and garlic

- 1 frying pan

- 1 rack


2- Step two: -preparation-

Strip the lamb of as much fat as possible. Using a sharp knife cut little slots the diameter of a quarter all around the lamb. Inject pieces of garlic into the slots push deeply until they are secure. Sprinkle the lamb with a handful of big salt. Cut up the potatoes into little cubes. Cook them in the frying pan until you can drive a butter knife through them. In a porcelain platter place the lamb in the center. Around the lamb place the potatoes evenly. Sprinkle big salt, sprinkle pieces of herbs over the lamb.


  3-Enjoy: Serve hot with red wine, good red wine, French preferably.