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My quick, three minute tutorial on broadband networks and how they work!



what is broadband?

Broadband is a shared fiberoptic network that moves data (ie video, Internet, etc...) digitally. It is used mainly by cable companies such as COX and Adelphia which are know overhauling their systems to become broadband companies. Broadband is know offered in many places, although there is a waiting list in some places.


what are fiberoptics?

Fiberoptics are small strands of wire grouped together to make one large strand. A laser moves information in the small wires. By using different frequencies to move information they can increase the amount of information that can be moved hundreds of times compared to regular phone and cable wires (coax, copper, and twisted pair) they can also continue to add frequencies so that they never have to add more wires.


what does this mean for the future?

For know nobody has the money to run fiber to the door of every house so they are using copper which works just as well on short distances as fiber, but in the future they are hoping to run fiber to the individual houses. The good thing about Fiber is that you can send telephone, video (TV, Paper View, etc...) and Internet through one wire and one service to the user. The user pays one bill for all of those three services instead of three different bills.

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