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Final Web Site Tweak Checklist • Print this out, complete it, and hand to Jeannene for her clipboard.

Only the blue website folder is copied to the designated server
There are no extraneous files or folders in your website folder
Webpages are saved with proper filenames [xxbook.html, xxwork.html, etc.] in website folder, all lowercase, no spaces
Images are sized and saved as .jpeg or.gif, (filenames = all lowercase, no spaces) and file size is under 20K each
Quote movie is saved in images folder with proper filename []
Each webpage is titled properly (Modify ->Page Properties)

Webpages work! Links lead to proper pages.

Integrated movie works on your splash screen webpage [index.html]
Previously handed in pages (book and classwork) reflect most recent revision
Spell Checked and Fixed!!!
All mistakes found by students have been fixed.
The K size of the website folder is smaller than 500K

When you have tweaked your website folder and webpages & images inside, deposit a copy of your website folder on the designated server in the Website folder.

Print this checklist from the Internet Explorer browser, complete it, then hand it to me for my clipboard!