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First semester assignments and resources

This week in Techno.09...

Final Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to help you... Finish your movie

Week of May 26th

In Class: Review of Premiere tools and some new tricks



Week of May 20th

Specs for your Photoshop image collages Each image should be 640 pixels wide x 480 pixels tall and saved as a PICT file

In Class demonstration: Assembling your movie in Premiere


Week of May 13th

In class, first thing: Spot check on folder for Future Movie and Storyboards!

Review Photoshop preparation for webfound and scanned images
This task should take about 10 minutes of reading and understanding time.

Working ahead if your are caught up.

With script in hand and a microphone and headphones
you can record your voiceover narration TODAY
This task should take about 20 minutes, even if you do several takes.

Week of May 6th

Do this first, make your folder so...

In class: After the script is submitted: Storyboards

Checklist for handing in your website folder

Week of April 29th

In class: Finally linking your webpages together...

Once you have all the appropriate files in your website folder, link them.

Acquaint yourself with the links instructions for Image Maps

Script for your future movie is due next Monday May 6th, before midnight!

email sent Sunday April 28

email sent Sunday April 29

Week of April 22nd

Before you Link...
Creating a clean, lean website folder

Copy your personal folder from the designated server to your computer and add your new pages to your blue website folder. It already contains:

  • Your Tutorial webpage and jpegs/gifs that illustrate it.

Add your final versions of:

  • Your Book Review webpage named xxbook.html and thumbnail image.

  • Your Classwork webpage named xxwork.html and any images used to illustrate. Instructions for completion

  • Your Splash screen webpage named index.html and an images folder. The step-by-step instructions are online to print out and follow to finish this project.

In class: Next step for the Reading and Imagination Assignment

Short Week before the Break • Week of April 8th

Catching up

Your Book Review webpage is now overdue and losing more grade points if it is not linked on the website

Your Classwork webpage is due before the break. Instructions for completion

Due to the short week, there are NO Techno.09 classes Thursday. Thursday students are urged to attend the Tuesday and Wednesday class presentations on Integrating your Quote movie into your Splash Screen. The step-by-step instructions are online to print out and follow to finish this project. I am available to help those seeking the highest grade possible for this part of the website project.

Over the break: Reading and Imagination Assignment about the near future.

Week of April 1st
In class: Search techniques & Classwork webpage template

Review of Library resources and expediting your Searches and an In class assignment!

Check out the templates for your classwork webpage (written papers, artwork) today. This completed webpage is due before spring break!

Week of March 25th Catch-up
Tweaking the Book Review webpage

Corrected webpage due before end of your class!

Use the checklist! Then check it online

Ready to integrate your movie into a generated webpage?

Week of March 25th Assignment
Reading Assignment & Classwork webpage planning

Read about Searching before you come to class. Bring questions!

Templates for your classwork webpage (written papers, artwork) available.


Week of March 11th
Integrating your Quote movie with your Splash screen

Integrate your Quote movie

Example of a Powerpoint movie blended into its splash page successfully, and one that is not quite so successful

Week of March 18th
Book Review Webpage Building Guide

An example of a finished book review page, and the template guide. This is due before Thursday, March 21st, 8th period.

Don't lose more points because you missed the deadline on the week before last's email assignment again!

Week of February 25th
We'll be going over the quiz in class this week. Your grades are posted online.

What's next? Two things for the week you return to school.

Please email and yourself

  • The title of the book you have chosen to review.
    Start working independently on writing this review for a favorite book you would recommend that others read. Consider this a
    sales pitch; convincing, positive, and intriguing for any potential reader. Include the title, author, number of pages, and your
    insights and opinions.
    We will also include a thumbnail of the book's cover with this review. You may be able to find the thumbnail at or scan a copy from the library or your personal collection.

  • The quote, lyric, line of poetry, or personal credo that you plan to use on your opening splash screen.
    These are words you live by or find inspiring. If they are someone else's words, you must credit them, of course.

I look forward to receiving your email with these two items enclosed.
This email assignment is due before next week's class meets.
Welcome back !

P.S. Start thinking about the classwork you are most proud of and the best way to display it on a web page...

All this assignment information is accessible online. Check it weekly to stay on top of your Techno.09 classwork.

Week of March 4th
Making your Quote dance!

Exploring Powerpoint for possible presentations in your future, and choreographing your quote.

Don't lose points because you missed the deadline on last week's email assignment.

Week of February 4th through 18th

Photoshop Toolbar Shortcuts
Answers posted when everyone has taken the quiz.

Use this interactive memorization guide to study for your quiz next week.

The answers to the Shortcuts Quiz .

Week of January 28th

Creating a Home page

Create a Photoshop document 480 x 360 pixels. Gather (find on the web, use digital camera, scan images from drawings etc.) images, resize, and add them as new layers with transparent backgrounds to your Photoshop document.

One Each folder in Techno.09 folder has your personal photograph to disguise for use on your page.

This senior page incorporates 33 layers. A yearbook page that looks similar to an interactive webpage.
This page features drawings and creative selections around odd shaped images. Sometimes less is more...