This is a sampling of what you will find at

As with many sites on the web, names have changed and links are dead. The Class of 2005 visited these sites and sent me an email about its status, a short description of the site and what type of visitors would benefit.


WWW Engines

Alta Vista Cory Alice
AltaVista is organized along two business lines: * Internet Search : AltaVista offers the world's fastest, most comprehensive search service, performing millions of search queries each day in over 25 languages. * Enterprise Search Software: offers AltaVista search software to more than 1,200 companies companies including,,, The FBI, NASA, Daimler Chrysler, and Siemens, to name a few.

Ask Jeeves Annalise
This site used to have very relevant responses, but it is now very commercial. I asked about gold panning and it told me where to buy gold jewelry. Over all I don't think it's a very good site anymore.

Debriefing Tessie
Debriefing calls itself the "worlds most powerful metasearch engine", it says its smart, fast and understandable. It searches the web, the news and mp3's. and it says that it recognizes the words 'and, not, or' . I think it is for anyone looking for random things

DogPile Peggy Sue
This is a search engine where you can find anything you want to find and faster too!. It's called "All results, no mess". There are different sub categories that you can search through. The website is organized making it easy to find exactly what you need to find.

EuroSeek Amy
"" states that this is its 411: "Established in 1996, is one of the largest search portals in Europe. It offers search services on the Internet in more than 30 languages. Additional services are free e-mail, news, weather and classified adds. Euroseek features search filters for language and geographic regions, including all European countries, thus insuring better results and relevance. Euroseek was formed in 1996 as the first European search engine on the Internet. The aim was to develop an information and shopping portal focusing on Europe as a market." So to make a long story sort you can search about stuff and many lingoes.

eXcite NetSearch Adde
It seems as thought it would be an easy search engine to use because it has many different categories: sports, entertainment, news, games, quote of the day and even the yellow pages. The homepage itself looks a little cluttered, but I guess it's worth if you have all of the categories.

Fast Search Derick
J' ai trouv� dans ce site que l' on pouvait choisir diff�rentes sortes de langues.Il contient aussi un moteur de recherche sur les nouveaut�s, des photos, des vid�os, des MP3 et des FTP.Il contient aussi un systeme d' aide, de recherche avanc�e et de personnalisation.Il' y a aussi une rubrique pour trouver des solutions rapides. Et aussi tous les noms des sites partenaires.

GO Tobias
The site is split into many sections, it has 2 main sections for news, 1 for current events, and 1 for sports. The other small sections contain travels, fun events, and merchandise.

Google Gregory
Google is just a search engine, no directory. It uses a search algorithm and "low-cost" PCs that are networked together. It also depends on a piece of software created by its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, called PageRank. It work by using links on pages. The more links to a site the more importance it has. Also, links from important pages weigh more then less important pages.

Hotbot Christina
It has a directory, it seems to be a division of lycos, probably more suitable for teenagers. It has all sorts of categories, for everything you could look for.

Indicateur (French) Sabrina
Ixquick Sabina
" is a remarkable MetaSearch Engine that has won numerous awards, praise and recognition for being the best of its kind. It was created with researchers, educators, historians, librarians, scholars, students and the world's scientific, literary and media community in mind: those who are dedicated to keeping us better informed and making all of our lives richer, easier and more fulfilling. Not an easy audience to play to. But IxQuick� was also created to make implementation of the search process as easy as 'child's play'. And to ensure users, everywhere, that regardless of their quest, they will be in command of information that is thoroughly relevant to them: without intrusive advertising hype, unwelcome news flashes and distracting banners. " ... "When a user enters a query at the website, our powerful proprietary technology simultaneously queries ten major search engines and properly formats the words and syntax for each source being probed. IxQuick� then creates a virtual database, organizes the results into a uniform format and presents them by relevance and source. In this manner, provides users with highly relevant and comprehensive search results. "One can search in many different languages with this search engine as well: Dansk - Deutsch - English - English UK - Espa�ol - Fran�ais - Italiano - Nederlands - Norsk - Polski�- Portugu�s - Suomi - Svenska - T�rk�e. I don't think this search engine is specific to a category and there is no directory, only a search box and several options

Lycos Jossi
Lycos is a web site that has almost anything you want to find. If your planning a vacation looking for health tips, music, books, want to chat, need to see your stocks, looking for movies, etc. Probably if you are looking for a certain phrase or something in general and webpages of this then lycos wouldn't be a very good site. LYcos is arranged more by categories that you can look through.

MetaCrawler Ben is just another search engine just like yahoo. Type in whatever you feel like into the box and hit search. The difference between metacrawler and yahoo is after you perform a search, it gives you ideas of new searches relating to you topic to possibly narrow down your results.

It has a search engine feature like a google or a yahoo. But it also contains some features like aol like an instant messenger, e-mail, and shopping. It is one of the major sites on the web and has a lot of clients.

Northern Light Ben is a search engine that specializes in business and world economy.

Open Directory Project Max F
The open directory project at has been called "the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors." This website uses an open directory, where there are hundreds of separate groups following your search.

Raging Search Loren
Well, as it turns out, RAGING (!) search is a small link off of altavista, it is a "text-only" search part of altavista. Although it seems that this search engine is very small, and maybe not very popular, when I searched for "dolphins", it gave me many possibilities, and what I liked about it was that at the top of the page it had other questions of searches related to "dolphins" that others had searched for. It looked something like this: Others searched for: dolphin pictures • bottlenose dolphin • Miami dolphins • How do dolphins sleep? I like this because it gave me the options to look for pictures, and not only different kinds of dolphins, but how they sleep, which, I'm sure, is very interesting. I think that this is actually a very good search engine for everyone, despite the lack of decoration on the page.

Terespondo (Spanish) Lauren
This is a good site for people who want to get information in Spanish or in Portuguese. This site uses other search engines like and and others. The first page says you can get first results if you put your site on their page.

Thunderstone Patrick
Thunderstone is a Texas-based search engine who calls their latest program Texis. I think that they were involved in some other area of business but they were very obscure about it.

Web Crawler Camilla
Web Crawler is a search. It's gives the combined search results from the following websites:,,,,,, It is a good way to save time by giving results from several different search engines at the same time.

Yahoo Ben is a search engine that uses the google search engine ( to perform a varied amount of searches. The difference between google and yahoo is that in yahoo, you can do so much more than just searches. You can chat with other people, play games, and have an e-mail account.


AltaVista Translations Ben
This is a site hosted by alta vista, which translates anything you type into the given box. It lets you translate words and phrases from English to Spanish, as well as Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean. Chinese to English, French to English and German. German to English, German to French. Italian to English, Japanese to English. Korean to English, Portuguese to English. Russian to English, and lastly Spanish to English. This website is well suited for many different languages and would help people who want to translate words and phrases to many different languages.

CALL Rebecca G
I visited the CALL Directory and Thesaurus website this age gives definitions for military terms in alphabetical order. It also included links to other military terminology related websites. "The CALL Thesaurus is government-owned intellectual property. Use of this information for the purpose of enhancing any commercial product is not authorized without written agreement from this organization."

Your Dictionary Celine
The Global Language Resource. It was launched in 1995 by Dr. Robert Beard at Bucknell University. It's an online Dictionary and Thesaurus that checks spelling as well. You can also find language dictionaries there. They provide over 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages. On the home page they give you a word of the day, that you can have sent to your email address everyday.

Ethnologue Andre is a search engine who's index contains resources about the world's languages. It licensed The site contains Language maps, Extensive bibliography, Computer resources and Bookstore.

Human Languages Page Lucie
I went to the Home for this page and it said the new name for this company is iLoveLanguages, though the link you provided for me still seems to be running. It is specialized for people who love and are interested in languages. It's the latest redesign for the Human-Languages page and the WWW Virtual Library. It claims to be the biggest and best guide to language-related Web Sites.

INFOMINE: Social Sciences/Humanities Kelly

INFOMINE: Visual and Performing Arts Isabella
InfoMIne visual and performing arts is a ":WebBased Academic Library" specific to the arts. It features university research and academic resources so we can assume that the sources you will find will be fairly reliable.

Internet Arts Resources Tinya
Their advance search is currently under construction but we can still use the standard search. You can quick search the Guide and Internet Art Resources. This website is helpful for people interested in art. They have representative pages for featured and associated galleries, museums and shows. It provides book reviews, articles and information on art and artists.

Libweb Tatiana
LIbWeb is maintained by Berkeley Digital Sun Library. It locates the web pages of libraries across the world. It claims to search libraries in over 100 countries and over 6100 pages. You can search using a location or subject of a library.

National Gallery of Art Delaney
The site uses a Boolean search and a directory to organize their information. The site includes a help, feedback, search, site map and highlights.

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries Julian
This very specific online dictionary enables viewers to translate English into 18 different languages. You can also translate other languages into others. Although many popups appear this site looks very efficient and simple.

Voycabulary Max K
It is a site which specializes in translating or defining words on webpages by turning these words into links to an appropriate dictionary. Those who would benefit include web users who speak none of the main languages of the Web, or people interested in reading texts with specialized terms (scientific, medical, or legal).

World Wide Arts Resources Theodore
The website is an art portal that has varying types of art. They have a list of links that highlight certain types of art. It is basically a directory with links to tons and tons of sites that are generally related to art. The website also has a search utility that allows you to search through their database of artists. It also has portfolios of selected artists

World Wide Virtual Library: Museums Ben
As it says in the beginning of the web page, ( "This page provides searching facilities for finding museums around the world which provide on-line information on the World Wide Web."

Desktop References

Acronyms and Abbreviations Simon
The server was formerly by email but that service is no longer available. This site is useful if you are looking for acronym's or abbreviations.

Biographical Dictionary Scott
The biographical dictionary is a website which provides you with a brief history of a famous character. This is not a highly recommended site because it does not provide you with enough information to writing an essay, or working on a project. If you want a brief history on a certain historical character, all you have to do is type in the name, and there will be a list of names in which you choose from.

Biography - Database of 25,000 Names Eric
This site has various profiles and biographies of famous peoples. This site is a sub category search engine for a specific subject, that being people. It also has various polls that one could take, an online shop, and is the official web page of Biography Magazine, and of the television show, biography as well. People wanting to know what time biography is on, where to get or to order biography magazine, and to get short biographies will fall in love with this site.

Corbis Andre
Corbis Corporation is the definitive destination for photography and fine art in the digital age. It has a variety of different types of pictures taken by professional photographers. The pictures in this website have many purposes, for example, for crafts, education,science, and film.

Dictionaries Jacob
A page where a person is able to find out the definition of any word as well as use a thesaurus. In addition to that it contains a top ten language dictionaries. This web page can be very well used for looking up definitions, seeing the 100 most misspelled words and the most often mispronounced words. This web page is good for anyone who is interested in language studies. Zach
It's the Columbia encyclopedia on the web. ", the Internet's premiere free encyclopedia, provides users with more than 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Each article is enhanced with links to newspaper and magazine articles as well as pictures and maps - all provided by eLibrary."
They are also partnered with elibrary "eLibrary is the comprehensive digital archive for information seekers of all ages. You can search across 13 million documents from full-text newspaper and magazine articles, television and radio transcripts, international newswires, classic books, maps, photographs, as well as major works of literature, art and reference books. You'll find both current and historical events within the diverse eLibrary archive. " For research projects you can use their "topic tracker" "ever wonder what major events took place today" you can use "history e-mail" you have to subscribe to elibrary

Encyclopedia Britannica Loic is an encyclopedia which lets one search for specific word definitions. It acts as a dictionary, a thesaurus and only lets one research information to give a definition to the searched word.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary/Thesaurus Abby
Merriam-Webster is America's foremost publisher of language related reference. It has a variety of useful language reference tools: Dictionary and Thesaurus. If you don't want to take all that work looking through a fifty pound dictionary, it is so easy. All you do is put in your desired word. Student or anyone for that matter, it is useful, you learn new words. And it can really help you with doing homework especially essays.

Northernlight Geo Search Juliana
A search engine that looks up businesses, restaurants, hospitals, etc, in the USA and Canada, and the user can choose the radius that he wants to find the businesses in, like a 1 mile radius from their street. It also has links to news and Stock quotes. I think this would be a useful search engine for business people trying to look up more business related info, but I can't really say that it works because I tried one of their examples an d it didn't give me a single thing!

OneLook Dictionaries Craig
This is supposed to be a spell checker, but I didn't have enough time to figure out how you are supposed to use the program.

Quotation Search Wade is a great resource for searching for sayings, proverbs and their meaning. It makes use of many different search engines. Masha is an index of dictionaries, thesauruses and other language related things. It is helpful is you are looking for a definition, a synonym or a translation of a word. Also it has a "word of the day" e-mail list which you can subscribe to.

xrefer - General Reference Tessa
This is a very cool website! Known as "The web's reference engine." It includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus' and books o quotations from prestigious books. They provide a good overview of cross referenced sources, with reliable factual information. There are many category choices to provide you with the most helpful search results possible.

Internet Resources

15 Seconds - ASP Info
15 seconds, is an Internet resource that provides valuable information for Internet providers and developers. I didn't find it particularly helpful, but it is not really directed for general research.

A+Art - clip art Alex
A web page designed for two things: searching for animals, monkeys, beasts, and anything to do with animals. If you still do not have what you are looking for then you can search the web. Also, you can register your own .com, .org, or .net domain name for only $24 or choose some domains from the links on the bottom of the page.

Clip Art Surfer Aviva
It is basically a database for Clip art. It links to most of the other major search engines and is good for looking up images. If you want a place to find easy access to images on the net, here is a good place. The interface isn't wonderful, but it is less cluttered than some of the major engines. You have a few choices where to search. It is a page that has the image search forms.

Corbis - Online Pictures and Posters Paula
"Corbis Corporation is the definitive destination for photography and fine art in the digital age. The Corbis Collection is made up of the world's most significant photography and fine art from more than 3,000 creative sources. With more than 65 million images, 2.1 million online, Corbis offers a wide range of choice and is the leading provider of digital images to both the consumer and creative professional markets. The company uses its extensive Internet technology to allow customers to quickly and conveniently access and purchase images and related products. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Hong Kong, New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Kuala Lumpur, the privately-owned company has approximately 1,300 employees worldwide".

Database Central Alux
The website Ivisited is called Database. I think that this site could be helpful for business people, for people who need advice on anything, and you can also buy things like books. There is also a career center. - Find Pictures Theresa
This is a site that searches for sites through images on the sites. It is good if you are looking for images or general information. If you want specific this is not the search site for you.

Drivers Headquarters Yas
This website contains information on PC drivers: It contains a list of all PC drivers and their information. Also it is a site which you can submit questions on PC drivers.

FAQ Search News.Answers Jessica
A search engine called Institute of Information and Computing Sciences(ICS). It is made by the University Utrecht. It describes itself as an archive of Frequently Asked Questions (faq's) and other periodic, informative articles, posted in the Usenet newsgroup news.answers. You can access the archive in a few ways. On this site, you are able to search by archive name and subject, newsgroups, or keyword. There is also an index of college subjects. You can also search for specific things on You can learn about their institute by clicking on the Informative button near the bottom, or go to the home of CS (Computing Sciences) or you can go to the home site of the University. This search/Index is performed by an external search engine.

HelpDrivers Rebecca S
This website is a search engine for software, mainly drivers. "The most complete drivers compilation on the web ". There doesn't seem to be any prices, so they are not selling anything, just giving advice

IconBazaar - Images for downloading Alexandra S
This website has quite a few cool images on it. They are colorful and interesting. The main problem is that, if you want a more widely varied selection of images, you are required to sign up for the website and pay $40 a month. If you do not have a specific image in mind and are just looking for a fun picture, this is the right site to visit!

Modem Help Ben gives you help on any type of Internet connection, from 56.6k to DSL.

Namedroppers - domain name search
Finding a Domain Name, you add your name to a register. It is much more effective and efficient than the traditional whois search. If no results are returned, the name is likely available, and we'll link you to a registrar to purchase the name. Our database is updated each night and contains all records for active registered domains. Basically, it allows you to put your name on the web, but put the information you want on the web.

Script Builder Eric

ServerWatch Julia
it had news, reviews and server downloads. The first page had the day's news, it's won ServerWatch news, tutorials, reviews and other webpages. It is a good site if you are looking for daily news or anything that has to do with the Internet.

Sourcebank - The Search Bank for Developers Karen
The web address is It is a sit launched by Cisco Systems as an international meeting place for the software development community.
Its claim to fame is that it can: a. Perform focused crawls on the Internet b. Recognize IT-Specific documents c. extract the most relevant information from those documents This web page would be helpful to software designers because it is less broad than regular search engines and more focused on resources that would be helpful to that type of person.

Streambox Daniel
This website seems to be about streaming media. The mission statement says that they are committed to providing streaming digital video to PCs and TVs. They've developed tons of codecs and different ways to send the media, and they seem to be available for hire by large corporations with a lot of money.

Usenet Search Alexandra W
1.1) What is the Usenet Info Center? The Usenet Info Center is a starting place for your information on Usenet. I choose this more general name, rather then Usenet Newsgroups Info Center, so that I would not limit my self to just information on the Newsgroups.
1.2) What is the Newsgroups Info Center? The Newsgroups Info Center is the main part of the Usenet Info Center, the area where most of the effort is. The WWW version contains a heritage browsable list of the newsgroups and a way to search for a group of interest. The Newsgroups Info Center is one of the first big attempts to gather all the useful information on a group in one location; including a long description. Specifically Newsgroups Info Center contains: * A Short Description of the group. * A Long Description of the group * Any FAQ's that go with the group * The Moderators name and e-mail address if moderated * Where and how the group is archived, if at all. * Its average volume * Its average number of readers * Any mailing lists it is gatewayed to
1.3) So what's available? (and where is it?) Lots! To name a few: * Pointers to posts on Usenet to help the new and old alike users out. ( * A browsable and searchable WWW version of the Newsgroup Info Center that is designed to give you detailed info on every usenet group (, to get you started) * Plain text versions of the Newsgroup Info Center that you can download and have available off line for your own use. (,

Versions Alix is a website that has been on-line since 1996 and serves over 70,000 users, providing them with software update and new product information categorized by Operating System and areas of interest, such as Programming, Graphics, Utilities, Internet, and others. With Versions, users can easily specify the kinds of software and other information which interests them and be assured that they will not be deluged by irrelevant data.

Wave Central - Multimedia Ben is a search engine for .wav files, otherwise known as sound files. In addition to just sound files, this web site has a list of movies, TV shows and even commercial .wavs available.

Webopedia Jonathan
A portal to a directory of technology terms. Amir It is part of the TechTarget Network of Enterprise IT Web Sites What is available: The web site offers information, links, help, news about computer software, hardware, the Internet, and computer programs. It offers a "Search our IT-specific encyclopedia" search engine that allows you to search for your specific computer technology needs. To who is it useful: The web site is useful to anyone dealing with computer technology and/or wanting to learn about news/information concerning the computer industry. In other words, will not help those searching for thing irrelevant to the aforementioned.

W3C Sam
W3C calls itself a "world Web Consortium" It has a feature with a google search engine. It also has updated articles to help with any computer problems, new downloads, and other tools to help with your computer.

ZDNet - Product Reviews Sam
ZD-Net is a search engine for reveiws of everything technical. They have research and articles for tech tools and other helpful resources. It also has a search engine for the entire world wide web.

Awesome Library for Kids & TeachersSam
Awesome Library has resources for everyone and good lesson plans for teachers. It covers all academic subjects including science, history, and mathematics. It also has a spell check.

Bigchalk - help with homework & research Sam
Big Chalk is a very big research guide with a built in search engine. You select your age group and then type in the subject you would like to research

College Board Online Sam
College Board is an search geared towards college age kids. It has articles, downloads, advice, and career opportunities.

College Link - Scholarships Sam
College LInk is a search engine of all available college scholarships. It has many different options and is very big.

CollegeNET - College Search Art
If found this web site very useful in finding information on colleges. From what I saw, it has information on ever college in the United States in it's database. For those who want to research a college, this site would be a great start.

College Rankings Watson
At, you can:
Sort schools based on the criteria most important to you.
Find out how schools compare in campus life categories with our Web-exclusive rankings.
Save your searches and comparisons with MyUSNews.
It also helps you to choose a school, master the application process, and secure financial aid. There are tools, articles, and rankings that will help you make the right choices. The site is mainly targeted to juniors and seniors in high school, or graduate students. The site is an Internet resource site.

Educational Resources Info Center (ERIC) Ben
A search engine for educational information ranging from documents to journal articles.

Ecola - College Locator Sam
Ecola is a search engine and data base of colleges. It has 4 year schools, junior colleges, and medical schools. It is a very big search engine.

Education World Sam
Education World is a search engine for teachers and students in search of research material. It is a very big website.

Embark - College Search Sam
Embark is an undergraduate 'matchmaker' It matches students to a school that it thinks will be the best for the students interest. It has 4 year schools, junior colleges, and medical schools.

Fact Monster - Homework Help Regis is a website that provides homework help, a search engine, and some educational games to play.

INFOMINE: Instructional Resources
Learner Online
Planet Alumni
Princeton Review College Search
Scholarship Research Center

School.Net - Schools on the Internet Jovia is not a very helpful website, I couldn't get it to find anything, in their search. The only parts of this webpage that were functional were "links" and "thanks" Aldona is a useful site that provides accessible information on study abroad programs all around the world. It allows you to search for programs by academic year/semester, subject, country, and many more specific categories. It also lists links and country home pages giving important information about each place. The site delivers helpful travel info, plans, and prices as well.

UC Berkeley Extension Course Catalog Hadley
This site has tons of information on UC Berkeley. You can do a course search, learn how to enroll, browse a list of their departments and programs, and much much more! If you have any interest in applying or even just looking into UC Berkeley, logon to their website A.S.A.P!

tutorials - Find tutorials on Everything Anthony
The site is composed of IT tutorials ranging from items like internet development to one on file transfer protocols. The site also features a handy built in search engline which allows you to locate the articles of previous users, search for information on the advanced techniques in a particular field, etc.

Universities Worldwide Ben
This site offers a list (and a means of searching for specific places) of colleges and universities not just in the USA but also throughout the world.