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English History
Kenneth Ralston
Martha Close
Leona Weiss
Anna Goldstein
Antoine Delaitre

Richard Ulffers

A Day in the Life
of Helen Caulfield

with Mark Best

Face - a poem

Macbeth Exam: Guided Commentary

9th Grade Retreat in Holden Caulfield's Words

The Retreat

A Challenge for Immigrants: Preserving traditional culture in the United States

Vocabulary Test on Run-ons and Fragments

Essay on "The Necklace"

Community project proposal

Betrayal of Trust

The Development
of the Richmond

From the Pumpkin's Point of View

Imagery, Symbolism and Fate in The Story of an Hour

Holden's Retreat

Godfather Death

Word Journal

Imagining Project

Imagining Project

The Difference between Public and Private School

The Importance
of Point of View
in the Story "Girl"

Public High Schools vs. Private High Schools

Holden HA-HA

Similarities of Character

Passage 1 Commentary

"Les mutations economiques et sociales de L'Urss dans les annees 1930"

Why are the 1920's in America Considered 'Roaring'?

Quiz on
Urban Order

The Great Depression as a Turning Point in American History

CD cover illustration of the 60's

New Zealand's Issue with Maritime Laws

Dimitri Nicolaïdis
La Propagande Sovietique

Gilles Creusat
Daniel Paz
Betty Lee
Muriel Barton
Mouna Harifi
Armelle Labrouse

French Essay

French Essay

Spanish Dialogue Exercise

Spanish Test

Chinese Test

Les Alpes


Le cauchemar


Adelina Wu
Essay on Friendship

Sciences Math Music

Joel Cohen

Dina Srouji

Geraint Williams

Pascal Thiam

Marion Jannot
Bradford Coorman

The Ultimate Physics Study Guide

Physics Lab

The History of the Microscope

The History of the Microscope

Physics Homework

Math Exam

Math Homework of the GODS..

Sue a Fanart from Love Hina

A Day in the Life
of Puphin


Surrreal Comic

Comic Strip

Costumes for
Milton, Kafka, & Swifty
Jean-Claude Robin
Christine Bois
François Fouquet
Martha Stookey
Physics Quiz
Pinhole Camera
Best Artwork
of open scene

Other Teachers • Other Schools • Past Years
Jeannene Hansen
Mr. Dogue
Mr. Martin
Brandon Doble
Sue Campbell

Crazy Quotes

Imagining Project

Imagining Project


A Timeline of 20th Century
A Play by Delaney
Goldstein's Book

Corruption During the Reformation

Dante Alighieri and His Writtings

Ballpark Fiasco

Fire Burns - a poem

Local Girls

Local Girls Essay

Gina Palanzo
Caroline Smith
Mr. Davis
Ms. Tekarian
Jenny Popper & Sheri
My poem
Summer writing tutorial
Final Project for
Joy Luck Club
Mr. Winston

Kindergarten Diploma

Egg Poem